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  • Roxy Kya

    I'd be the mom who sends this text, but never actually hid any money in the room and when the kid complains that his room is clean but couldn't find it I would go tell him it's in the kitchen in a drawer or something.

  • Jessica Di Bella

    Must remember for the future. My mom so would've done this to me!

  • Marie Read

    A great idea to get a kid to clean their room and earn their allowance!

  • Trisha Costelow

    I'll have to remember this Mom trick! GOOD IDEA!!!

  • Steph Enns

    parenting win.

  • Valerie Woodward

    Happy Mother's Day!

  • Alex Hutchins

    Like a boss. I wish my mom would do this.. May be then I would be motivated to clean it.

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