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Was My Pinterest Hacked?

Was I hacked on Pinterest? Check out what to do if you have been HACKED. |Heather @

Source: "Pinterest Hacked" by Craig Fifield 3/17/12. Carmella on 7/10/12 said, "I’ve deleted and reported the pins and boards. I changed my password. It’s still happening. Some of my boards are being deleted. I don’t know how it fix it, still no response from pinterest." Don't lose your pins and boards when it's so easy to protect them with Pin4Ever! We've saved over a million pins since September 2012, and your should be next! Visit to get a free backup today!

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Trick Out Your Pinterest Boards With This Simple Hack

Awesome Pinterest Hack!

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The Copyright Question: How to Protect Yourself on Pinterest

The family of a young girl who was abducted and killed in Missouri has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the man who was charged with the death of their daughter. | Finney Law Office | | #FinneyLaw #Legal

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This Is Everything You Need To Know About Pinterest (Infographic)

This Is Everything You Need To Know About Pinterest (Infographic)

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Pinterest: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Pinterest Case Study - Dena Johnson 04/2012 by dmaj0227 7 hours ago · 39 views 116

This poor pinner lost all her pins! Pinterest's Terms do say they can delete your pins, boards or whole account any time! But a Pin4Ever backup can save all of your pins in case the worst happens!

SAFETY PINS - place one on your blog to tell people whether or not they have permission to pin from your site. This way you follow Pinterest Terms and know if you have permission to pin.

Pinterestingly Enough: Interesting #Pinterest Stats

Another report of a Pinterest account hacked, and boards deleted, from Barbwire on 7/14/12. She says in the Comments, "The hack on my account was EXACTLY like Angela’s. I was so shocked and pissed. I had spent lots of time saying things in the Products I love board and it was completely deleted and I had two new boards added…" Pin4Ever saves a backup copy of your pins, likes, and boards on your computer, so you can't lose your data to hackers! Go to today to try a free…


Read Why Pinterest Deleted One of My Pins

READ WHY PINTEREST DELETED ONE OF MY PINS by Michelle G. Held, June 19, 2013. For those who are concerned that Pinterest might delete a pin, a board, or even your whole account, try a free backup from - we've saved over 18 million pins so far!

4 Tips for happy Pinning on Pinterest: Great article on the ins and outs of good pinning at average jane crafter blog.

Pinner said: "I am sorry Pinterest lost my old pins." DON'T RISK LOSING YOUR PINS! Try a free backup from We've saved more than 8.1 million pins for our customers since September 2012.

Pinner said: "Pinterest Account Hijacking: keep reporting spammers. check your boards for spam that hackers are adding. They're adding boards to your pinterest! I'm so mad. Pinterest had got to up their security! One of my boards was deleted."