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  • Jackie Stembridge

    Multiplication songs and tricks cheat sheet

  • Libby Fowler

    Multiplication Tricks Sheet!! I remember learning these multiplication songs, and I plan on teaching them to my students in the future. It is a great way to integrate music into math, and this will help the kids remember their facts! Also, this link is to a blog with tips and tricks for teachers. Great stuff! -Maggie Smith 2/13/13/

  • Jackie Warren

    math songs and tricks for remembering multiplication facts

  • Monique Despins-Gruszczynski

    Multiplication Tricks Sheet!! I'm going to give this to my high school math students...enough with the calculators!

  • Morgan Foster

    Multiplication Tricks Sheet!! Another great one to know for tutoring my boss' oldest daughter her multiplication facts

  • K Tay

    Math Ideas

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OMG this actually works! mind=blown

Love this concept. I still use it to this day when I get a bit confused. Also, the numbers are inverse of themselves. 2x9= 18 9x9=81 Once you get to 45 and 54, you go backwards in reverse from there. I know, confusing, but it can help.

Math- it doesn't have to be as complicated as we currently teach it.

multiplication tricks This makes me think of Dad's Math. :)

As we started practicing the times tables, I remembered this cool trick I'd learned years ago.  I showed my daughter and she thought it was really helpful, so she agreed to be my hand model.  Many of you might know it already, but if not, it's a good little tip to have in your bag of homework helping tricks!

Multiplication Tricks by tiff.haze

Multiplication Song & Tricks-3rd....not sure about the 12's trick, maybe I'm reading it incorrectly.

This would be a nice handout to parents in my Back-to-School packet on Parent Night.

This is just a freebie chart that students can study by. It can even be used as a bookmark. They can study on the bus, home, where ever!For o...