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If you just get sick of the world around you all mermaids have to do is swim away because the whole world is open to them

Boris Diodorov - Illustrations for The Little Mermaid. "Don't get me started," said Father Tam.

Wow, beautiful Mermaid and a beautiful style of art too! I'd love to know who the artist is if anyone knows?

side saddle is a necessity, of course for a mermaid riding on a seahorse

I love how the skin blends into the tail, like it all were one. And the same with the bra part. Nice!

Amara the Mermaid Things we think are super cool over here at The Mermaid Tail. Swim Like a Mermaid www.themermaidtai...

Amethyst Sea Mermaid Fantasy Fine Art Giclee Print 11 x 17. $30.00, via Etsy.

I See That She is Life ✯ ✯ Art by Ronnie Biccard ✯ ✯ The Theme at this years Goddess Conference in Glastonbury is The GODDESS OF WATER

Mermaid PreRaphaelite picture by Waterhouse on by BabaStudioPrague, $29.00

I saw this a while back but forgot to pin it and i finally found it a again. I think it's adorable