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Between applying each coat of mascara, dip a q-tip in a little baby powder and run across lashes, focusing on the tips. The second coat will attach to the powder for a longer, fuller look.

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Where to apply eye shadow

Where to apply eye shadow - The Beauty Thesis

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27 Charts That Will Help You Make Sense Of Makeup

Everything you need to know about makeup. What brushes do what? How do I clean them? What order do I apply my makeup? What's my undertone? Everything you need to know and more =D

So a lot of girls ask me if my eyelashes are fake, no they arent. But theres the trick to making them look fake. 1. Apply the first coat of mascara. 2. Get a Q-tip and put some baby power on it. 3. Apply it to your eyelashes (this separates them really good) 4. Apply as many coats of mascara and repeat as much as you want. And get fake looking lashes for the day.

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42 Money-Saving Tips Every Makeup Addict Needs To Know

Use baby powder to get the look of falsies. | 42 Money-Saving Tips Every Makeup Addict Needs To Know

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8 Natural Ways to Promote Longer Eyelashes

Eyelash Thickening Serum with Coconut Oil - since we were just talking about the benefits of coconut oil AND how jealous you are of J's long eye lashes!

DIY shellac- No more chipped nails: (1) Apply 1 thin coat of 5 Minute Gel Polish. (2) Apply 1 coat of Essies 3 Way Glaze base coat. (3) Apply 2 coats of polish. (4) Finish with a coat of 3 Way Glaze. Rather do this than spend 40 dollars every two weeks at the spa- something to try some day

-Turn lipsticks into glosses by mixing in some Vaseline -Remove stubborn red lipstick by applying Vaseline to a cloth and rubbing your lips gently -Exfoliate lips by applying Vaseline and then brushing with a toothbrush -Tame eyebrows by applying Vaseline and brushing into place -Use it to soothe your skin after plucking your eyebrows -Mix with loose eye shadow to create a creamy blush -Apply on feet and put on socks before bed to moisturize overnight -Works great as a cuticle…

Before and after! Vaseline used to help grow longer, fuller lashes! Take a q-tip and rub some on your lashes before bed!... Really?!

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DIY Homemade Cocoa Powder Tan

Wonder if this really works...sounds way too easy to have such great #DIY Homemade Cocoa Powder Tan ( #beauty ) >>

Recipe for longer lashes: 2 parts vaseline, 1 part coconut oil, 1 part castor oil

The longer you leave it on the more dirt, oil, and impurities it pulls out of your skin- from Sephora

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How to Extend the Life of Your Razor (with Baby Oil)

I use to do this all of the time :) Other pinner says "I've used baby Oil as shaving cream for about a year now! It gives a closer shave AND softer legs! :) And, apparently, it makes the blade last longer! oh yeah!"

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How to Get Stronger Nails in Seconds

How to Get Stronger Nails in Seconds - must pin!

There is a far better all natural and organic way to get a gorgeous tan that is far cheaper than expensive tanning products. Try a homemade self-tanning lotion - no need for sun!

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Primed And Ready: The Best Makeup Primers Of The Moment

Benefit POREfessional A little of this clear gel goes a long way under sheer makeup like tinted moisturizers and powder foundations. Just dab on a pea size amount and spread over your skin for an airbrushed-like effect that makes pores and uneven patches less noticeable.