Great Reflection by M.C.Escher


M.C. Escher

"I don't do drugs. My dreams are frightening enough "~ M. C. Escher

Drawing Hands - Artist: M.C. Escher Completion Date: 1948 Style: Surrealism Genre: allegorical painting



People create their own layers. This painting by Escher shows emergence. Maybe a possible idea for a mod?

3d street art.

He held the fate of the tiny little man in his fist, curled around him as pondered what to do with him.

M.C. Escher.

reflection drawing

♔ ART: Academic drawing


David Agenjo. "Hands-on VIII"

Nicola Rotiroti

Holding Hands Drawing | Holding_Hands_by_Laiyla.jpg#holding%20hands

How Salvador Dali would have done a M.C. Escher’s paint? I’ve created the top image as an answer for this question. For the curious about the development process, there is also a speed painting video. This picture is dedicated to my digital painting teacher. RIP Tony.

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Pencil drawing. Schmergl. This like hand porn.

Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible. I think it's in my basement... let me go upstairs and check. M.C. Escher