I can always use more coffee mugs, right?

Pixel Heart Heat Changing Mug

THIS is too awesome.

For the Pac-Man fanatic: | 35 Awesome Mugs Every Coffee Lover Will Appreciate

and one day we will all simultaneously don our zelda hoodies, draw our swords, and BEGIN KILLING ALL THE ZELDA HATERS TO CREATE THE ZELDA UTOPIA who's with me

Wow. i teared up a little. lol

Super Mario Brothers Mug

Lea & Han

Legend of Zelda facts

The Legend of Zelda Valentine's Day Card... awwwww

Never Thought of Navi in This Way Before. . . That's enough Pinterest for tonight. . .

This would make my day, everyday.

Hyrulian Forest The British video game merchandise company Gametee has created a series of scented candles inspired by video games like The Legend of Zelda and Portal. The candles, which are made o...

Zelda Quilt

Morning Mug ♥ lol Before Coffee - After Coffee ... I Need this!

Jokes Only A Video Game Nerd Will Appreciate

ThinkGeek :: Level-Up Pipe Mug

Star Trek

Mug: When hot liquid is poured into it, the letters "SHER" appear. I WANT THIS.