It's SO efficient! And then I do a ninja roll into my room!

true story

yup.. lol true! I know one thing...I was never that person!!

errryy time


so relatable (relatable post,true) YUP - or pulling the box, tipping it over the bowl expecting a bowl full and all you get is crumbs, dust, and maybe two spoon fulls of actual cereal - REALLY? Come-on, some one knew they were putting an empty box back on the shelf . . . WHO? Fess UP! SCUM!

True story... Especially when it's my day to run!

All the time! Makes a great cover so people don't look at you like you're stupid


So true

Story of my life!

So true


All the time

Every single time!

Hahaha all the time!! And then people think we have NO life. Haha #mylifestory

LOLZ! So true and the picture is always perfect!

Oh... I thought that was Michigan problem...

Stop editing your pics theBERRY’s Afternoon Daily Randomness : theBERRY

All the time...