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    It's SO efficient! And then I do a ninja roll into my room!

    true story

    yup.. lol


    Story of my life!

    errryy time

    So true

    Giggle giggle..... Cough cough it might be me cough


    :( diasppointment for breakfast! relatable post # 1396 Dear family, Thank you for putting empty boxes back in the cabinet. There's nothing like having disappointment for breakfast.

    Every morning - a true story

    So true


    All the time! Makes a great cover so people don't look at you like you're stupid

    All the time

    Oh... I thought that was Michigan problem...

    Every single time!

    Hahaha all the time!! And then people think we have NO life. Haha #mylifestory

    every freaking dayy

    One reason I can't tell people about funny stuff that happens! I look like a total weirdo trying not to laugh so hard and spit it out lol

    #fangirlproblems All the time. Basically my friend(s) an boyfriend sadly