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I was told once that this would be a great pickup line. But this is only something you say to a Hunger Games lover. And even then, if they have a soul, it will only break their little fangirl heart.

OMG DID YOU GUYS HEAR? The trailer might come out during the MTV awards in like, 16 days!!! I really hope this is true!

Catching Fire Character Portrait – Cinna

Made beautiful by Cinna's hand. Desirable by Peeta's confession. Tragic by circumstance. And by all accounts Unforgettable.

You know Katniss didn't have to choose between Peeta and Gale, but you're kind of glad she did... I know this story is about so much more than a love triangle, but peeta and Katniss are amazing!

Cinna! I think he was my favorite character in the movie!!! why did he have to die!? :(

Hunger Games "É apenas uma faísca, mas é o suficiente para manter-me ir"

Hunger Games Trilogy, Hunger Games - Cinna's Collection - Katniss Everdeen Costume

The fact that he says we will never see anything like this again always gets to me, because inside he knew something was going to happen to Cinna and to Panem after this game.