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    top Funniest Minion quotes 2015

    funny ecards - Google Search

    I feel this way at the beginning of every work day. lol

    Some e-cards to help pick you up - Photos - Downright Filthy - Funny Shit - The Rock

    Monday Tuesday's pretty rough too

    nurse quotes

    C'mon, 99.99999999999999% of the people who see this are gonna be like 'YUP THATS ME!' including me...

    This cannot be true!!!


    Me :So I heard you like bad girls. Them: Yeah, why? Me: sometimes I eat the cookie dough before baking it even though it says not to. Shh don't tell anyone.

    But honestly.

    My life. Exactly!!!

    I love you more than coffee, but not always before coffee. | See more about coffee mugs, funny coffee mugs and coffee quotes.

    I laughed way too hard, got tears in my eyes and every thing

    MORE OF WTF-FUN-FACTS are coming HERE funny and weird facts ONLY

    hahah! This is so true! love him even more for it. Read More Funny: wdb.es/

    Addicts+Anonymous=Pinterest! ===== can't separate pins (which actually belong to other people) from real life (none of this stuff is mine)

    Ha! That's funny!


    Holy Hell! I NEED this!!!! Alisha Roettering LaVon Lamke Do you eve know what a Banana Hammock is? It's a funny word. It's a Speedo......... Oh Crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Funny! And true.