Make a bench out of your crib to keep it for sentimental reasons when the kiddos grow out of it!

crib upcycle

DIY: Bench Tutorial - a repurposed crib gets a new life & an awesome paint finish!!!

DIY: Bed Turned Into Bench

Awesome idea for an old tv armoire that can be turned into Craft Central! And, it can all be closed up when not in use...priceless idea : )...especially if you don't have a separate room for all this!

Drawers Repurposed Into Shelving! Awesome Idea.

green cupboard, old windows, old porch trim, door for back..this link goes to a furniture store but the photo is a big help on how to make!

console table from repurposed barn siding and wrought iron fence

Turn an old dresser into this fantastic bench #diy #home #furniture

L O V E this idea! Seems easy enough! #recycle @Jenn L Milsaps L Wood @Laurel Wypkema Wypkema Wypkema Martinez @Ann Flanigan Flanigan Flanigan Long

Old door turned into a shelf

Repurposing Cribs! Love it! Can't wait to hit some yard sales!

Repurpose an old crib! Turn a crib into a darling bench toy box!

crib repurpose. On my list of things to do. Pinterest helps this list get longer by the second :)

What to do with an old crib...

Instant seating for the foyer or end of a twin bed that needs an intimate place to sit! Take that dresser with the broken or scratched up top with drawers that dont work and let's make it work! Knock off the top, pull out the top 2 drawers, knock off the shelf holding the drawers, cut a piece of plywood or use some lumber scraps and make your seat, paint it and keep the bottom drawer for storage! So cool! So easy!

Repurposed crib into porch chair.

$10 DIY: $10 DIY Dresser Repurpose

Great use for an old crib!

Tutorial for crib into toy box bench.

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