Kid's EXTREMELY Awkward Passport Photo

Pictures taken for passports, driver's licenses and other forms of ID are often unflattering -- but this awkward photo of a 5-month-old baby might be in a class by itself. Dad JorgeChurano posted t
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I have seriously felt this way several times this year.

a day at work


Funny Workplace Ecard: If we didn't have humor at work, what would we have? Ulcers. We'd have ulcers.

Raw chicken: | 32 Of The Greatest Things That Happened On Tumblr In 2014

That's brilliant hahaha omg

"The last thing they'll see is the cute and unforgiving face of Hello Kitty." Funny Tumblr


Consider, if you will, the understated grandeur of this bumblebee. | The 17 Most Majestic Things That Ever Existed

Okay there is one curse word in this so sorry if it offends anyone, but this is hilarious. LOL

Scottish bar stool for men who wear kilts. Lol oh gosh this made me laugh!!

Charlie Hunnam

Dog shame

Tumblr, humour, funny, lol, haha, chat post, text post

Tumblr, humour, funny, lol, haha, chat post, text post

I love this. Lol

I'm dying

XD | hipster santa

DIY Vintage Chic: Top Ten Tuesday ~ Heat ~ No. 126

Yes to all lol

I need to try this on my dad.

Hahaha, can't breathe. Julia Clausel

The difference between Kris and Bruce Jenner, Kourtney is so right and hilarious on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. #KUWTK