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Ladies, you can keep your Sean Connerys, Harrison Fords and Pierce Brosnans. For my money, Sam Elliot is the sexiest older man around. I love that he always plays a badass/charmer. And I LOOOVE his voice!

Sam Elliott... that voice....... such a sucker for a good voice. Not to mention, I have yet to see a movie with him in it I DIDNT like.

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Sam Elliot. I keep him on my eyecandy board, but for those who wander onto this one, well, wouldn't it be lovely to watch him installing your floor? :)))

Sam Elliot ... that voice! THE VOICE THAT CAN MELT ANY WOMAN'S HEART!!

Some things have to be explained. And yet, I don't think Sam Elliott has to be.

Sam Elliott: see those eyes, hear that voice--I'm a goner..Then, now and!!

Sam Elliott is a sexy beast.

sam elliott -I don't care what you's the VOICE!!!!!!

Sam Elliott...OMG! He gets away w a mullet! So hot. ;)

I could listen to his voice all day and he just gets better looking the older he gets

Sam Elliott in Ghost Rider. Sam is the voice telling the story and he also plays the part of the caretaker. Awesome actor and voice.