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      Landsat Image Gallery - Kuwait Oil Fires

    • Joshua Flickinger

      Oil Fires Kuwait

    • Roberto M Mantovani

      Photos That Shook The World (Contains graphic images, may cause distress) - Page 200 -


      Oil well fires burn in Kuwait during the 1991 Persian Gulf War. As Iraq pulled out from Kuwait during the Persian Gulf War in 1991, Iraqi troops set fire to some 650 oil wells. The environmental devastation was enormous. This Landsat image, among many others, was crucial for Kuwaiti emergency responders to figure out where the fires were burning and how best to approach them.

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    Oil--Trish Madison--I believe it was taken in Kuwait. When SadamHussain realized he couldn't have Kuwait he set fires to over 600 Kuwaiti oil wells. It took over 7 months to put out the fires and was one of the largest environmental tragedies according to TIME

    GULF WAR, KUWAIT. Burning oil fields. The ecological landscape of Kuwait and the Persian Gulf was severely damaged when Iraqi forces set fire to 789 oil wells.

    Steve McCurry. KUWAIT. Gulf War Aftermath. Persian Gulf, March 1991. Bird dying in an oil spill off the coast of Saudi Arabia.

    Photo: Canadian firefighters seal an oil well in Kuwait after Iraqi sabotage during the Gulf War, 1991

    Feb. 7th 1991 Gulf War: Ground troops cross the Saudi Arabian border and enter Kuwait, thus starting the ground phase of the war.

    August 2, 1990 - February 28, 1991 - The Gulf War. my husband served in this war.

    Beautiful (unfortunately)!! - Kuwait || Persian Gulf War / Desert Storm

    Canadian Firemen sealing a blown oil well in Kuwait during the Gulf war, 1991.

    War In Kuwait. The US intervened in Kuwait in 1991 to expel an invading Iraqi army in the Gulf War.

    Persian Gulf War (1991). Soldier standing over a dead body, with oil fields burning in the background

    The Gulf War (2 August 1990 – 28 February 1991), Liberation of Kuwait codenamed Operation Desert Storm (January 17, 1991– February 28, 1991) commonly referred to as simply the Gulf War, was a war waged by a U.N.-authorized coalition force from 34 nations led by the United States, against Iraq in response to Iraq's invasion and annexation of Kuwait.

    The Gulf War | Desert Storm ~ British troops guard captured Iraqi armor and weapons in the Kuwaiti desert. (Photographer: ©1991 Allan Tannenbaum)