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Eyes | Black & White nail art kylie jenner nails

35 Unique Nail Designs

omg, I am OBSESSED with eyeballs in decor lately. I NEED these nails right now >> Unique, chic, super cool looking!

Mursi Tribe Girls With Lip Plates - Extreme Body Modification : ) Beauty in different cultures

Members of the Mursi tribe, Ethiopia Image: Marc Veraart Teeth sharpening, ear elongations, lip plates, nose stud.

Scarification is a a marking of the body to mark milestones in tribemas lives, such as puberty and marriage. it is also used to mark t...

Fulani woman on her way to market (Nigeria) - © Peter Holmes / Royal Geographic Society

Mata Hari rejette très tôt le conformisme bourgeois et devient une courtisane ainsi qu’une danseuse exotique. Elle apprend l’art de la séduction. Mariée à un officier de l’armée coloniale néerlandaise, on raconte qu’elle séduit et attire chez elle des hommes importants.

Mata Hari was a Dutch exotic dancer and courtesan who was executed by a firing…

♪♪ In olden days a glimpse of stocking was looked on as something shocking.... ♫

Old fashioned love i want a romance like this. vintage clothes, rowboat, romantic boy, love it all. I particularly like the leg over the oar!