Exactly how I feel with my students some times

For my son


So true

Family Quote

Nice idea to put on the wall in they boy's room

Yep yep

Motherhood - great encouragement for Mother's Day.

Being a Mom....

So true

now if only there was a way to have happy kids and a clean house :p

#quote So true!

A Parent's Prayer amen

everyone does.

So true.

I disagree with this because 1.Sweatpants are sexy. 2. Every day can be fun. Unless you're boring.. 3. Junk food in moderation doesn't make you fat. 4. Don't be dramatic and you won't think girls are dramatic 5. Don't date him if he's confusing. 6. Goodbyes are never forever.

I never knew how much love my heart could hold until someone called me mommy. Sooo true <3

A perfect marriage

My Son