Love this pic of Cam!! Hot Dad!!

cam gigandet

Cam Gigandet - Hot Dad & Baby - cutest thing ever!

cam gigandet. umm yes puhlease

Cam Gigandet

Robert Downy jr. Through all your ups and downs i have always liked you. Absolutely.

what porn for women looks like


Photo of Charlie Hunnam - Entertainment Weekly Photoshoot for fans of Sons Of Anarchy.

Forgot all about this hottie until I saw tonight a movie he's in. Cam Gigandet likes to give away his cookies.

Pretty clear why I like Superman best, right?

totally putting this in my kids room one day

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Lion and cub


staahs: voltized: i wish i had a happy family same

Falling in love with his child. #dad #baby #love

He is sooo "McSteamy"!