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plain white t's.

aww...early thug life. and eminem looks like elijah wood.

hey arnold!

battle royale. one hundred genres in one.

chihiro (sen) spirited away.

princess mononoke.

yup. studio ghibli.

beautiful seaside city. kiki's delivery service.

hayao miyazaki! creative genius behind most studio ghibli films.

my neighbor totoro!

kiki's delivery service ( :

does anyone remember where this monkey-bird is from?!! it would make my heart happy ( : it's Niddler from the pirates of dark water!

hector elizondo. love him.

what i would give to go to pandora.

blood diamond.

ringo fan.

500 days of summer.

i LOVE live posters gone animated!

lovely moments.

be kind rewind!

golden pony boy ( :

i love their relationship. the science of sleep.

the science of sleep, a film by michel gondry. leading man gael garcia bernal. can't go wrong.

fantastic biopic. the film AND the book are most definitely worth a look. the story of che before he became a revolutionary.

yes!!! classic.