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Beautiful Tile Art from the shrine of famous Sufi Saint - Hazrat Sachal Sarmast located in village Daraza of district Khairpur Mirs, Sindh, Pakistan. This tile work from Pakistan is famously known as "Kashi-gari".

India     Through the Arches | Agra, India

Through the Arches, Agra, India! Sitara India is a North and South Indian Cuisine Restaurant located in Layton, UT!

Garnier opera,Paris

Paris Opera House with its giant chandeliers. Being there in person, I could see why Gaston Leroux chose to use them as a weapon in The Phantom of the Opera -- love this place!

Love the circular screen frame! art deco / streamline cinema

Centre Theatre 10 East North Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland ca. 1939 Photograph by the Hughes Company Subject Vertical File Maryland Historical Society [SVF] Also known as Film Centre, Centre Theatre.