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Clef Music Clock by neltempo on Etsy, £39.99 @Baylie Carlson Carlson Carlson Carlson Wright

atomic clock - saw one of these a couple of weeks ago. Should have bought it!!!

Astrological clock at St. Mary's cathedral, Lübeck.

love this wall of clocks. I would like to do a wall of clocks and compasses. Tribute to Covey, watch the compass, not the clock.

Wall-kitchen clock with timer by Max Bill for Junghans 1956/57T I WANT ONE!

This Sheffield Clock will tie all the colors in the room together while being unique and set apart.

Vintage wall pocket - Oh my goodness I WANT this!

A working clock sculpture made from vintage clock mechanisms, turned wood, and various idiosyncratic treasures.

treble clef clock - This is a treble clef. It is not the same thing as a music note. This is the direction it is supposed to go..........

Karlsson Wall Clock Falling Numbers. It is a little expensive. This could be made. I just have to do this. I have the perfect square piece of wood that I can paint. Clock mechanisms are sold at craft stores. Purchase wooden numbers and apply. Sham wow > I have a new clock. It is time to do it.