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Bob Dylan - '66 you can tell he's been pushed in a corner of some building, and he doesn't know how to get out

I've always loved this photo. Young Bob Dylan plays on the back of the SNCC office in Greenwood, Mississippi, 1963

i dont care how badass you are, youre not too badass for dylan.

Bob Dylan - is he still stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis blues again?

I know I already have a picture of Bob Dylan... but he just looks so whimsical here!

MAÑANA DE BLUES Y ROCK de lunes a Viernes en la radio. Visita www.radiodelospue... y escúchanos por internet !!! Bob Dylan

¿Psicopatía? Es evidente su falta de remordimiento y reconocimiento de culpa, así como su indiferencia ante les consecuencias de sus actos

People seldom do what they believe in. They do what is convenient, then repent. -- Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan. check out the chair arm. He started from the bottom, was true to himself, and now he is a legend.Great job, Bob!!!

Bob Dylan in Telluride, CO August 2001...

i got to know, babe will you surround me so I can know if i'm really real