I laughed so hard

LMFAO, hahahahahaha

Smile, you’re a dad…and a dad and a dad and a dad. This guy had too much fun at that bachelor party.

Party Rules

Rules of the Apartment

shark week

My weekend is now planned.

Drinking and The Big Bang Theory...that's pretty awesome.

Nailed it!

funny kid names... WHY HAVE I NOT THOUGHT THIS? maybe because i never want kids, but if i do... :)

Haha It's too bad I dont know anyone that'll be 21 for quite a few years..

Haha I love Will Ferrell!

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To skip or not to skip. Always questioning...

so relatable (true,true story,so true,funny,relatable,relatable quotes,teen quotes,funny quotes,funny graphics,lol)

it's the booze talking. lol!

party rules

30 Rock <3