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Yeah…..that's K-Pop.


Who else loves Chef Cordon? Catch up on Oh My Ghostess tonight!

LOL. Yep


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Click on it. No matter what

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True Story.

I laughed. Oh you two. This movie. Just...arggggh! So much adorableness!

Avengers Age of Ultron will be...

Language - Age Of Ultron Shirt by Specktatertees on Etsy

Frozen is overrated

The Doctor

giovanamedeiros:MORE LUNAR CHRONICLES fanart,because why not?Cinder and Iko this time. NOW I know Iko looks a LOT like Marvin from “Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy” It was an “accident” (that proves that I have a very limited background of references on androids).THERE YOU GO anyway.

The Lunar Chronicles : Photo