Relógio Astronômico de Praga

Twisted time

So much time

.no instructions, but looks like this would be a great project. Paint clock on inside of glass, hands through back with small battery powered motor for hands. Collage of children, wedding momentos etc


clock clock

Clock Hourglass Time: Spiral #clock.

Steam Punk Clock...If anyone who sees this knows where it comes from please leave a comment

Zodiac Clock

16th Century astronomical clock in Ulm, Germany

The Wells Cathedral clock is one of the oldest clocks in the world. It's been dated to 1392, although the dial was probably added many years later. The clock has been frequently updated and revised over the years, and the orginal works are now in the London Science Museum, still working (and ringing). In this photo, the time is nearly 09:42.

Zodiac Pocket Watch

Clock Hourglass Time: Wroclaw, astronomical #clock.

The Astronomical Clock on the Old Town Hall, Prague, Czech Republic - (1410) constructed by the clockmaker Mikulas of Kadan in collaboration with Jan Ondrejuv called Sindel, professor of mathematics and astronomy of Prague Charles University. The astronomical dial (astrolabe on the clock face) with its mechanism is working to this day.

The Jagiellonian Clock, incorporating the Jagiellonian Globe, c.1510. The Globe, containing the mechanism, is nested at the centre of the clockwork.

1770 Table Clock With Planetarium The planetarium clock pictured below is an absolute work of art. It was made in 1770 in Paris. via Gary Constantine

A solid brass sundial compass. A Precision sundial for accurate time measurements using the sun.

Delft Shelf Clock from the collection of Hervey St. Helens, born in 1909, one of 7 children. He lived in the same home in Rochester, NY all his life, & served in the army during WWII. He earned a Masters Degree in physics at the University of Rochester & also worked at Kodak. Clock collecting became his hobby & he diligently sought after time pieces for 93 years of his life.

love this wall of clocks. I would like to do a wall of clocks and compasses. Tribute to Covey, watch the compass, not the clock.

1) its steam punk, so its awesome and it makes me think of you. 2) you need a clock.

Vineyard Reclaimed Wood Barrel Wall Clock Time Piece - Wine Art -- MADE TO ORDER on Etsy, $178.99