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Mona Lisa Frank!!!!! i laughed waaaaay too hard at this!!

I remember saying, "When I grow up I'm going to decorate my house Lisa Frank style". I might just do that!!!!

this was my favorite folder... Riley also thinks Lisa Frank is awesome (i just can't believe the stuff is still around! lol)

estes labios representam a vida que vem pela frente as cores mais escuras representam o sofrimento e as mais claras a alegria

Mona Lisa v2 [Ben Rollman - xadrian on FLICKR] (Gioconda / Mona Lisa)

This reminds me of an old GE commercial with a baby elephant tap dancing in the rain in a rain forest. Every time it came on, Alan complained it was 'inaccurate because it showed a parrot and an African elephant in the same ecosytem', ignoring the fact THE DAMN ELEPHANT WAS TAP DANCING! THAT inaccuracy didn't bother him at all!