• Kayla Schwan

    My mom is getting me some new stuff... golden retriever goes shopping

  • Susan Bubik

    Yes, I'd like the giant dog bones in aisle #4 please

  • Diane Parton

    Can u tell me what aisle the dog biscuits are on?

  • Woodrow Sauer

    golden retriever goes #Baby Dogs

  • Jasmine B

    "They see me rollin' " ♡... Re-pin by StoneArtUSA.com ~ affordable custom pet memorials for everyone.

  • Don Prochot

    golden retriever goes shopping LOOKING FOR DOG TREATS

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And then he dug up your favorite bush, and after that he chewed on the garden hose, and chased the neighbor's cat... Uhhhh.. he's standing right behind me, Isn't he? (gulp) ~ Dog Shaming shame - Boston Terrier and Golden Retriever

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Air Force K9- His collar says"Do not pet" but he sure looks like he wants one. It would be so hard to sit next to a dog like that and not cuddle it! Look at his faaaace! He totally wants it


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I totally get it.

Hmm... looks like someine I know.

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Just keep smiling Frank and pretend we don't know them!

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