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Native Americans: Rainsticks

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Create dream catchers to enhance your lesson about certain 'First American' cultures.

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Paper Bag Tepees-Native American Art/Symbols-1st Grade-Art with Mr. Giannetto

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Making A Rain Stick. Coil tin foil, then put peas, popcorn kernals, rice etc. inside. Close with wax paper or plastic wrap. Decorate TP or paper towel road.

Cutting Tiny Bitesfrom Cutting Tiny Bites

Native American Pattern Headbands

Headband Thanksgiving

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Native American Pattern Headbands-- Thanksgiving Craft for Kids

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Make Your Own Rainstick

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Thomas Elementary Art: 4th Grade Totem Poles....what an awesome project for your students as you study native Americans :)

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Native American history month. Keep the kids busy while you make Thanksgiving dinner with these Native American noodle necklaces.

The Imagination Treefrom The Imagination Tree

DIY: Rain Stick

Diy Rain Stick Kids

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Homemade Rain Stick

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Brazil Crafts For Kids

I've been wanting to try making one of these for so long! A parent of a child I once taught told me how to make a rain stick (or rain maker) while we were doing a project about the rainforest. It is so easy!

Around the Kampfirefrom Around the Kampfire

Eat More Hot Dogs!

November Writing Ideas

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Such a fun and simple way to engage young writers during Thanksgiving writing or a Pilgrim unit!

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Once upon an Art Room: Native American Indian Dream catchers

What's up Fagans?from What's up Fagans?

Letter M Activities for Preschool: M is for Music Lesson

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M is for Music: Preschool Lesson Plan - Make homemade maracas from spoons, tape, egg, and rice!

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Native American Brown Paper Buffalo Hides, 2nd & 3rd grade

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Erupting Pumpkins Experiment for Kids- this FUN activity brings Fall & Science together in a way that kids LOVE!

Tiger Shaving

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Explore Tiger

Marbling Craft

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Play Create Explore: Tiger Shaving Cream Marbling Craft I can picture using droppers and making arrays with the paint before marbling the shaving cream. So many possibilities!

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How To Make A Rainstick

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R is for Rain Stick

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50 States and Capitals online game

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Popsicle Stick Crafts

Probability - students decorate 6 craft sticks. Teach and play Native American Stick Dice game for practice in probability

Paper Grocery

Grocery Bags

Western Vest

Western Picnic

Bag Tin

Tin Foil

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Native American Vest craft made with brown paper grocery bag, tin foil, and ribbon

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Letter U Umbrella Craft

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Preschool Letter U Activities

Make umbrella, dab school glue and hang up to dry - like the glue rain