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I am amazed at how the simplicity and bold designs on clear glass bottles capture the essence of each of the flavors allowing the beverage to show through most of the bottle.

Lets brand all your packaging and promotional materials for consistency and solid brand identity #packaging #WeCanDoThisForYou

lovejoy vodka - Been to this distillery in Portland. Great folks...and spirits!

Packaging of the World: Creative Package Design Archive and Gallery: Petit Comité (Student Work)

Designed by Taivas, Finland. Taivas designed Finland's first wellness drink. Portraying a healthy light and funky illustration on all cans.

Dry Soda :: a Seattle company whose soda has minimal ingredients, great taste and doesn't have a smidge of corn syrup. These sodas look great and pair well with so many meals.

asia Funazushi: a traditional food in Shiga prefecture in Japan. The packaging looks like fish net and scales, and the handle is shaped like a fin. structure 3D expandable

Still loving the packaging on this line from Dry Soda Co. + wanting to try their rhubarb, cucumber + blood orange sodas