Chiếc ghế xanh mướt

Replace the upholstery of an old armchair with a gorgeous moss and ground cover bed. The plants grow happily both horizontally or vertically. Painting the chair frame is also a great idea. I love this idea, very awesome upcycled design!

A True Romantic - English Farmer plants Heart Shaped Meadow

Heartwarming - A heart-shaped meadow, created by a farmer as a tribute to his late wife, can be seen from the air near Wickwar, South Gloucestershire. The point of the heart points towards Wotton Hill, where his wife was born. An amazing tribute!

Tom Humphrey photography  | Ivy Heart    |    Bellingham, Washington, 2011

Green heart ivy, taking over - When I was teaching elementary school, a little girl made a green heart for Valentine's day instead of red.


Heart Shaped Portal~to Garden & Heart Shaped Cutout Exterior Door.

wire heart by shauna

wire heart- use those cheap thin wired coat hangers- the ones that won't hold ANYTHING without bending

Artistic garden

💖 Plant Sculpture Topiaries from Mosaiculture International in Montreal, Canada

Great idea ❤

brick and stone inlaid heart--I TOTALLY want this--anywhere in my yard or house or bedroom or bathroom or kitchen or living room or--well you get the idea.

Anne's paper fun

Shabby chi inspiration- lovely little heart hanging, can't see material but I'm…