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My name is Little Dove. My people are the Cherokee. There was a time when my tribe hunted the buffalo and lived free upon the plains. The white man came and all that changed. My people no longer hunt. My people are no longer free to roam the plains. The white man has changed everything. I long for the time when my people lived free and hunted the buffalo. I am the last of my tribe, when I am gone, all that will be left is a memory in history.

Unidentified Blackfoot Chief On Horseback Speaking To An Elderly Man, 1910.....Two Blood Tribe members, one on horse in ceremonial dress, and the other standing on the ground leaning on walking stick in normal attire.

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Customs and Ceremonies of the Cherokee Indians

As a culture, Cherokee Indians are very spiritual people that view death as a transition rather than an end. Services are usually conducted by a Cherokee shaman the day after death. The bodies are traditionally buried in the ground in the belief that they will provide nourishment to the earth. Typically, the Cherokee dead are not embalmed nor are...

Wolf Robe by F.A. Rinehart, 1898 ~ “Wolf Robe (c.1838-1910) was a Southern Cheyenne chief and a holder of the Benjamin Harrison Peace Medal. During the late 1870s he was forced to leave the open plains and relocate his tribe on to the Cheyenne and Arapaho Indian Reservation in Indian Territory. He was awarded the Benjamin Harrison Peace Medal in 1890 for his assistance in the Cherokee Commission.”

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Thirty One of the World's Most Amazing Roads

Roller Coaster Highway, Tulsa, Oklahoma. (The technical name of this road is “County Road NS 366.” It’s one mile west of “Old Highway 56, and about 1.5 miles west of State Highway 56, just north of Wewoka, Oklahoma.)

The "Trail of Tears". In 1837, the "Indian Removal Policy" began to implement the 1830 act of Congress, signed by President Andrew Jackson, who said "that the only good Indian is a dead Indian". The forced march, consisted of about twenty Native American tribes that included "Five Civilized Tribes" (Creek, Choctaw, Cherokee, Chickasaw, and Seminole). They were pushed into "Indian Territory" (which later became Oklahoma).