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1952 "Don't Just Stand There" by Carl Smith

human-headed winged bull from Khorsabad Excavated by the Oriental Institute during the 1928/29 season of excavations at Sargon II’s capital city Dur-Sharrukin and stands about 16 feet tall. The cap denotes divinity and the belt for power. They're sculpted with five legs so that they appear to be walking in one view and then standing still in another @ standing straight in front of. Also called lamassu, they protected and supported important doorways in Assyrian palaces and guarded agai...

1952 F. Sherwood Taylor - The Alchemists

1952 Louis-Ferdinand Céline - Fable for Another Time

1952 Richard Gordon - Doctor in the House

1952 ad for Nylon swimwear. They need to bring this style back as I would wear it!!

Matching pink gloves and hat plus Toblerone, how could I not love this great 1950s ad? #vintage #1950s #food #chocolate #ads

Photo: Los Angeles Times 1952

1953 Luisa Forrellad, Siempre En Capilla (Premio Nadal)

The boys were slightly more extravagant than the girls. Taking inflation into account, the boys spent the equivalent of about $64 while the girls spent about $76.

Illustration from Tootles the Taxi and other Rhymes, (c) Ladybird Books Ltd, 1956

1951 Anne de Tourville - Jabadao

Blessing goddess with Hathoric hairdress. Silver-plated bronze, Phoenician art, 8th century BC. Louvre Museum, Paris. Photographer: Marie-Lan Nguyen

Maya Warrior, 700 a.d.

Ramses II's temple at Abu Simbel at night, Egypt Would LOVE too see this!!!

Teddy Roosevelt’s diary entry from the day his wife died. He never spoke of her death again.