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I love trying new products, but I had to come up with a good organization system so my husband didn't want to move out. A video with my storage solutions on the blog today! #liketkit #styleblogger #makeuporganization

from Jen Riday - Vibrant Happy Women

How to Be More Compassionate with Your Family (Jill Savage)

Jill Savageshares a lifetime of experiences and struggles - including raising 5 children, facing the challenges of her husband's lifelong depression and an act of infidelity, and her triumph over breast cancer - each which helped her learn to FEEL WITH others rather than trying to FIX others and to stop comparing our "insides" to other people's "outsides." via @jenriday

The secret to a happy marriage. Sometimes you just have to stick out your tongue behind his/her back.

Monday - nothing a matte liquid lipstick can't fix!Beautiful @evettexo wearing •BRICK• on her lips! #DoseofColors #DoseofPerfection #FallColor