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Donkey Photo Credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org

15 Teenagers Allegedly Treated for Rabies After Engaging in Bestiality with Donkey

Dowwe Dolla

I will have a sweet little guy like this in the New World. Look at those fuzzy ears.

:) The only shot should be with a camera....

Cervo nobre / A very impressive bull (male) elk, Cervus elaphus. Note the huge rack of antlers on this bull. Elk also share the habitat of the bighorn sheep.

Z Teresko- Bearded pig

Bearded Pig from Borneo at the Henry Doorly Zoo, Nebraska

Bearded Pig from Borneo at the Henry Doorly Zoo, Nebraska. By: Joel Sartore


Raccoon family in the forest woods enjoying some water :) Racoons / Nature / Animal Photos

If you ever visit Michigan's Isle Royale Park, be prepared for a few big surprises!  shared via fb #enchantednature

'Share the Experience' photo contest winners

Moose Point face-off, Isle Royale National Park, Michigan. Even if there were no moose in here it is a beautiful photo

Sheep Photo Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/missdee

Sheep Photo Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/missdee

I just love Mother's LOVE!

Baby Camel: What do we need to survive in the Jungle? Mama Camel: First we start with our God given talent _long neck. When the Jungle Economy seems intimidating, first, lets look inward "Where did God place us?