Hour glass night light

Campfire lamp

This is a neat, elegant solution to a problem that plagues all of us daily. Turn the Sands of Timed Light bedside light upside down when you want to go to sleep and the sand will gradually dim the light to nothing over the next fifteen minutes or so.

Alien abduction lamp.

cool light for a space themed room


truly an Hour glass! Love it!

Haim Evgi crafts wooden balanced-arm TZAP lamps (BSB)

Cloche Lamp - Plümo Ltd

Lamp No 2 by Andrew Mitchell | #Lighting Design

Kinetic Energy Hourglass Lamps Powered By Sand

The Clover Outdoor Lamp By Byste.

these night light outlet covers use $0.05 of electricity per year and require no additional wiring. would be great for hallways.



Art Deco lamp

Relumine by Mischer’Traxler

EdiSUN Oil Lamp, from German designer Marc Ostmann - MCA Store :: Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

concrete lamp

double bath and night light with with removable glow spheres