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Sometimes all you need is a second chance, because time wasn't ready for the first one

Forgive others as He forgives us. God has placed people in our lives for a reason, they deserve forgiveness and second chances. Holding a grudge is too much to bear and it weighs you down.

Today, I wonder how many people are sitting around wallowing in their mistakes and feeling guilty, condemned and frustrated; feeling like they’re washed up in life. In the meantime, their gifts, talents and dreams are being wasted. Please, don’t let that be you! If you’ve made mistakes, know this: God is the God of a second chance, a third chance, a fourth chance—as many chances as you need!

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3 Phrases No Parent Wants to Hear

Notice the people who are happy for your happiness, and sad for your sadness. They're the ones who deserve special places in your heart.

Sometimes there is not next time, no second chance, no time out. Sometimes it is now or never.

Never have to not anymore. After my entire adult life feeling as tho I wasn't worthy to be their girl I finally know what being the one feels like.

More people need to remember this because we are usually our own worst critic! Lighten up on yourself! Don't you know there are more than enough people willing to try breaking you down?

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Positive quotes (The Good Vibe)

And don't sacrifice what you deserve in the future for what you feel in the present...

I think one can be more successful panning for gold than finding truly good people to share one's life with. So treasure the ones you find, because they are more precious than gold.

we have all made mistakes, it's part of what makes us human, but it is the ones that we learn from that truly matter. they shape us, making us greater then we ever were. and they show us who our true friends are: the ones that will stand by you no matter the mistakes you have made by their side.

Good advice....and if you don't your arms will be so busy holding the past, you won't be able to deal with the present. Let go off all the small stones, so that when a big boulder comes your way, you can deal with it!