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    • Sena (Ozeroglu) Starke

      Fat Flush Water Recipe and the Ultimate 10 Day Plan to Trim Fat for Good

    • Marilyn Kvasnok

      Ultimate 10-Day Plan to Trim Fat for Good | The Dr. Oz Show. Fat Flush Water recipe: Ingredients, per 1 pitcher. Water, 1 slice grapefruit, 1 tangerine, ½ cucumber sliced, 2 peppermint leaves, Ice. Directions: Combine ingredients in a large pitcher.

    • Patty Young

      Fat Flush Water. Detox Water. Ingredients, per 1 pitcher.   Water. 1 slice grapefruit. 1 tangerine. ½ cucumber, sliced. 2 peppermint leaves. Ice.   Directions: Combine ingredients in a large pitcher.

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