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Really love the look of my Swim. Board altogether, it's fresh and beautiful ♥ Please check it out xo

52m² répartis entre deux pièces presque égales, une belle cuisine, et une décoration d’intérieur reprenant les principes de la décoration scandinave, tant au niveau des revêtements de murs, de sols que du choix des meubles, de quoi plaire à la majorité...

Stunning and very unique architecture. The use of vertical and horizontal lines makes it very modern. Also the organic design and large open windows bring the outside in.

There's a lot to like about this Barrenjoey beach cottage by Sydney-based designer Justine Hugh-Jones

Floating house, floating fireplace: The unique hanging fireplace in the corner of the living room is just one of the barge's novelty features.

... Living Room Interior Decor38 Modern Luxury Living Room Interior Decor

yes please, a living room so inviting for everyone