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    • Kula Fields Farmshop

      Johnson's Backyard Garden. The share cost is $33 per box for delivery to a community pickup site, $35 for an individual office delivery or $38 for delivery to a home. All new CSA members pay a $20 one-time non-refundable set-up fee to cover the cost of produce packaging and other operational costs. Can't wait to become a member!!

    • Stephen Brewster

      You Will Have Another Idea So Start Sharing and Stop Freaking Out It’s shocking how protective the creative class can get about an idea. So many creative people treat their ideas like it’s the last one they will ever have, or at least the last good one. We get so paranoid about our ideas that we hide them, guard them, and rarely let them ever see the light of day. Ironically enough, most of these ideas have some element of being borrowed, stolen, or adapted anyway. The truth is,:

    • Haley McMichael

      Johnson's Backyard Garden $38 / box

    • Allison Putney

      Johnson's Backyard Garden

    • Matt Hammond

      Leach Street

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