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How to Kill Roaches With Hot Sauce

by Fire Dancer
Roaches are most definitely one of the most annoying pests found in any household. Not only are they hideous to the eyes, but they also leave filth in the areas they trespass. Before you decide to spend a large chunk of change on an exterminator, consider using a simple household ingredient to rid y...
  • Amanda Killian

    Natural ways to kill cockroaches. Use the sugar and baking soda mixture, bay leaves in drawers and cupboards, bleach stopped up in my kitchen sink, and maybe a homemade trap with honey and baking soda.

  • Virginia McCollum

    How to Make Roach Killer -- no bake method

  • Margret Carty

    Coffee grinds are a safe and natural way to get rid of roaches.

  • Angela Drum

    How to Kill Roaches Naturally With Bay Leaves | eHow

  • leah coulter

    Homemade Remedy to Kill Roaches

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