so true


30 Collar Bone Tattoos Idea for Women and Girls | Tattoos Mob. Placement

Thigh tattoo, i want this. But a little lower, cause i wanna see it when i wear it will probably start on or just a little above my hip....not as high as this one, but i still want something like it. (:

write troubles in sand and blessings in stone.

"vivere senza rimpianti" is Italian for"live without regrets" getting this for sure! love the placement here also

50 Mindblowing Tattoo Designs For Girls : Here are some tattoo designs for girls that will show off their feminine side.

This is neat :)

Hot quote tattoo for girls

like the font and true

sister tats. love it.

"when you settle for less than you deserve ..."

whisper words of wisdom...

so true!

tattoo-quotes-i am enough the way i am

"when you settle for less than you deserve you end up with even less than what you settled for."

i refuse to sink.

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Love this Tattoo! <3