pinner said:Sensory Play - I can get lost in this website, so many great ideas and I keep thinking to myself "how smart/obvious, why didn't I think of that!?"

Simple and engaging! via crawltheline: Originally from no1hasmorefun? #Kids #Small_Motor_Skills #Art

Balloons are always a good go to therapy idea: 30 ways to play w/balloons - Visit for all our pediatric therapy pins

Write letters on tube and on stickers; kids have to match the stickers to the letters on the tube. Visual-perceptual with motor and letter recognition.

Tutus and Tea Parties: What to Use in Your Sensory Table | Over 50 Ideas for Sensory Play

Great website that lets you read children's books online. 227 different books to choose from. so glad this was pinned. i had lost the site.

Six Awesome Ways to do Water Play with Kids #Summer #Water #Play

The ULTIMATE resource for kids activities! 500+ activities including art, math, Science, literacy, sensory, and just plain FUN!

Colorful Pom Pom Tube drop activity. Great for color matching and fine motor development. They could even use tweezers to pick up and place the pom poms for more fine motor exercise.

You can make this beautiful puffy "sea foam" with just a few simple ingredients- great for ocean themes or just a fun summer activity! Pinned by The Sensory Spectrum

10 fun activities for when you're too pregnant (or pooped!) to play!

(FSPDT): Rainbow Clean Mud the ultimate sensory play activity for kids

Simple Sensory Play: Rice Play

Sensory Trays: Why, How, and Where....lots of examples of trays!

16 Materials Perfect for Toddler Busy Play and lots of ways to use them!

Ocean sensory play with water beads

I think this is one of the best toddler activity idea websites I've ever found. The ideas are simple, educational and allow for creative exploration of the child's own world. Highly recommend.

Infant & Toddler Fun: Balls and a Box | Kids will play for hours

Sensory Color Sorting Playset. This website has ideas for beautiful handmade learning toys for babies and toddlers. DIY ideas!

Top 5 essential ingredients for sensory play tubs