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  • Bella G

    Monarch Butterfly Tattoo Designs

  • Amy Johnson

    baby name tattoo ideas | 50 Amazing Butterfly Tattoo Designs | Cuded

  • Julia Zalewski

    back tattoos for women | FLOWER TATTOO TRENDY: Beauty Tattoo Designs For women

  • Armen @SCBlueberries

    monarch butterflies- if I was going to get a tattoo, it would be something like this.

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OK Alisha... this will be the continuation of the lower back piece (just up higher) OFFICIALLY IN LOVE with this tattoo.

Pretty. I wouldn't ever get a full back tattoo, but a butterfly like this would be ideal.

AAAAHHHH! This is the cutest tattoo. ❤ This gives me a major idea for my tattoo when I get older. I have to keep thinking.

Think I might jazz up my tattoo for Lori to look like this when I get Kiki's recoloured.

I think to convey this "we are starting a revoultion" it would be cool to photoshop sweat sexy as if it were a tatoo or on the hood of a car, etc, as if it's everywhere in new york and on everyone's mind.

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My body is a journal in a way. It's like what sailors used to do, where every tattoo meant something, a specific time in your life when you make a mark on yourself, whether you do it yourself with a knife or with a professional tattoo artist. ~Johnny Depp