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Still love those bean sandwiches! Mom baked her own beans every Saturday! 1955 Batchelors Baked Beans ad

Queen Buzzy BeeFrom onelatenight - I remember having one of these as a kid. Is it bad that I want to have it now? #vintage #children #toys

You used to have to use a can opener to punch two holes in the top of the can so you could pour it

Viewmaster Slides- imagine the fun of having all these to add in various ways to your smash books, etc!

Vintage Mattel Baby Beans Doll Pink Bitty Beans by NostalgiaMama I have my baby beans doll from when I was little!! Mine has quite a bit of wear what I still love it :)

1949 Cosco Step Stool by American Vintage Home. Everybody had one of these! I still have one! It was my grandmothers and is still in excellent shape!!! Try to find that quality now! LOL!

Marcia Marchiori amarelinho do jeito que vc gosta!!! eu tinha um cor de rosa, era o amor da minha vida!!!!

I remember having this in Junior high, and would have to put it on in school so my mother did know LOL

This ad. I cannot even find the words. I think this one ad has perfectly encapsulated everything we find hilarious about 1950s advertising. These kids are just so wholesome and... well, swell. There they are with their soda-pop they're sharing, looking into each others eyes while eating weiners. And the slogan. Just plain funny. This ad wins.