The Franco Brothers

and God said: let there be hemsworth brothers

Brotherly love, James and Dave Franco<3

Dave Franco

Theo freaking James my friends.

James & Dave Franco

Franco Brothers <3

Dave this......the brother of james!?!

james franco

Let's all take a moment and thank the Franco parents.

James and Dave Franco

James Franco, I love you.

Hemsworth Boys. Wtf do their parents look like !?

James & Dave Franco

Holly crap

Brothers Chris and Liam Hemsworth. Chris is Thor and Liam is going to be Gale in the Hunger Games. - The best genes Ive ever seen.

James and Dave Franco...Their parents definitely did someting right!

Hemsworth Brothers

liam & chris hemsworth marry me mmmmm

And then God said: Let there be the Hemsworth brothers.