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Tuna warmed up yet?

Kitty proving how smart they really are

Shy Guy

Why wrap myself up and spoil a good thing?

I Can Do Derp ~ Ꙭ

You can never be too careful.


~ Unmasked Flower ~

I solemnly swear to tell the truth, and nothing but the truth. The DOG did it!

Aww, a basket for me? Thanx!

~ ~ ~❤~ M❤U❤A❤H ~❤~ ~ ~

Hey, it's the weekend!

This just warms my tummy!

Cats Are Easily Amused!

My cat always lays with a paw or 2 stretched out, just in case she needs to stop me from leaving.

Roll away, baby!

Checking in on the little rascals!


That's the plan dear. ❤︎ Welcome!

He DOES Exist

Let Me Clean Your Face Then a Little Smooch.

Dog Carries Cat Home Because That's How Pets Roll In Russia-48-secs

What a beautiful sight to behold.