RainX on your glass showers? Why have I never thought of that!?! This is going to save a lot of time. :D ... Top 10 Household Cleaning Tips: The Tough Problems

Genius!! You could also do this with bras or other stuff you don't want to tumble around

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers: Creative Uses For These Household Cleaning Blocks That Truly Work Magic! - The Fun Times Guide to Household Tips

Life hack: 8 awesome cleaning tips... kinda concerned Coke can clean a toilet and it is something we put in our bodies o_o

Genius use for orphaned socks

1 cup vinegar + 1/3 cup of baking soda (will fizz!) and leave over night. And you'll have a clean shower head!

Top 10 Household Cleaning Tips: The Tough Problems Professional house cleaners spill their best-kept secrets to save you time and effort

All-Natural homemade soap scum remover!

After hearing about the toxic chemicals lurking in conventional cleaning supplies, you decided to green up your act with ecofriendly products and DIY solutions. But along with the rewards that come with going eco (saving money, creating a healthier indoor environment), you've also encountered a few hurdles along the way. If green cleaning problems have you stumped, read on. These easy solutions will keep your momentum going strong.

The FASTEST and EASIEST way to clean your microwave. This is genius! - www.classyclutter.net

Tips for Getting Rid of Odor in Furniture Great tips for making old furniture smell fresh. Pinned more than 6,000 times!

27 Awesome Household Cleaning Tricks, Tips, and Hacks that EVERY PARENT SHOULD KNOW! Such a great list.

Tub Cleaner - vinegar and dish soap, no scrubbing! Heat 1/2C white vinegar in m'wave for 90 sec, pour int spray bottle. Add 1/2C BLUE Dawn dish soap. Shake gently to mix. Spray on surface, let it sit 1-2 hours. Just wipe it away then rinse with water. Should also take soap scum off shower doors! THIS STUFF IS AMAZING. - sublime decor

Dawn Dish Soap is a time saver and money saver. I never knew. Men clean with Dawn

spring cleaning tips

I need to do this...Professional house cleaners spill their 10 best-kept secrets to save time & effort. 1 most definitely liked was how to remove grease/dirt build up from kitchen cabinets. Say to clean cabinets, 1st heat slightly damp sponge/cloth in microwave for 20 - 30 sec. until it's hot. Put on a pair of rubber gloves, spray cabinets w/ an all-purpose cleaner containing orange oil, then wipe off cleaner w/ hot sponge. This should make the kitchen look & smell wonderful too!

Tried and true DIY Household Cleaners. Save money and no more harsh chemicals.

I've pinned a lot of stuff I read but haven't tried... But I just tried this and it truly works like a charm!! Spray non-stick cooking spray on soap scummy shower doors, wait 5 minutes, wipe off with paper towel. Seriously that easy, no scrubbing! Doors shine like new! I used store brand olive oil spray. Cleaning the bathroom just moved down a notch in my hate to clean list :)

More hidden tricks to get your house sparkling in record time. sooo many tricks i would've never thought of!

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