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    • Kim Puffpaff

      Poor Dean, as if he didn't have enough issues.

    • Milo Winchester

      "and it is written the first seal shall be broken when a righteous man sheds blood in hell" .. oh FEELINGS!!. Quote is from Supernatural 4x16 'On the Head of a Pin' #Dean

    • Your Mom

      The 1st seal

    • Julia Yllanes

      And as he breaks so shall the seal break

    • Gabby Todd

      Can you blame him? He took it for 3 months, but for him it felt like 30 years! Sure his dad lasted 100 years before he left Hell but still. Dean lasted longer than most people would. This makes me upset because of the consequences, but Dean took it for so long and I'm sure the torture was terrible especially because he's Dean Winchester.

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