Could we use some sort of play on words as the name for our show? 'Like Minded Studio - A Type Of Show exhibition poster'

Typo - Áron Jancsó

Way of the David - Like Minded Studio

Glutton for punishment.

Washingtonian Magazine April 2014


Fun 3D Type


new type treatments I made for Holt & Bugbee Flooring co. by Chris Delorenzo

I Care Therefore I Kern by Drew Melton

Illustration, Typography & Lettering

Hand Type Vol. 17 on Behance

Burn Crew - Third Half Design - Art Direction / Typography / Brand Identities / Illustration / Apparel

New York - Type Illustration by Raul Alejandro

Let's indeed talk about type! :) Three words stacked on top of one another and getting larger towards the bottom. The curves are a nice touch, creating flowing movement in the piece. I like how everything is a neutral grey/white color except for the bright yellow-green of "type". It is a very nice contrast. The designer is Nick Keppol. #typography


United Pixelworkers — Friends of Type

handlettering workbook 2 by Jason Vandenberg

Smell the Roses — Friends of Type


Invincible Type Treatments by Joshua M. Smith, via Behance