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Good guy Taco Bell…

Good guy Taco Bell. I am sad I didn't ask for one first. Taco Bell is one of the loves of my life.

from thing led to another

I hate when you’re reading something and you come across the phrase “one thing led to another” What in the hell kind of writing is that? Adolf Hitler was rejected as a young man with his application into art school. One thing led to another And the United States dropped two atomic bombs on the sovereign nation of Japan.


Feeling Alone?

Feeling Alone

Well done, America. Well done.


What you looking at…

Thats how I feel.

from BuzzFeed

31 Unmistakable Signs That You're An Introvert

How I feel when my parents tell me to make more friends.

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How cowlicks happen! Mystery solved.-omg omg omg omg this actually made me burst out laughing BAHAHAHAHA


Oh No, Not Again

I'm not sure why this is so funny to me haha


Stephen Colbert Issues New Proclamations

Stephen Colbert Issues New Proclamations ----> I'm pretty sure I just fell in love with this man all over again.


How To Get A Man To Want To Have A Baby



That was an awesome day…

I do not like him. At all but this is funny


Cops Crash A Canadian Party

good kids


Possibly the best man ever…

LOL I happen to come across this just as I smell the smell of my bacon burning. But thank you Bacon Man

from The Berry

Morning coffee (39 photos)

But really


Don’t Say A Thing, Taco

Well, Taco, you should know that this piece of underwear I am currently in is clean. <<< good to know