Make a custom message center for empty kitchen wall

A "mom central" organizing nook - every kitchen needs one! #smallspaces #office #kitchen

Custom dining room built in. Would be beautiful along the back wall of our dining room.

Paneled walls. love.

Shut the front door.

I am in love with this!!! Half the time my veggie cuttings end up on the floor on the way to the trash!

Great idea if you have kids!

Using galvanized steel sheet instead of magnetic paint for a magnetic wall. Different look that works if you like the metallic look. Also can be used as dry erase board.

Working on making this command center in my kitchen right now. Bought the mail holder today at Goodwill for $3.93 spray painted it black. Had an all white dry erase board I cover and spray painted the trim black. Already had a big wooden E I purchased at Goodwill a while back for $1.91. Have black frames already...just need the wire baskets and a big desk calender and we'll be set for business!

Storage ideas

Picture wall. Did this in our bedroom and will do it in our basement! Love

message center

Neglected corners in the home waste valuable space. Sometimes, an extra drawer and a chalkboard are all you need to feel a little bit more sane. Create a built-in nook like in this example to keep track of notes on the board or loose-leaf papers in the drawer.

Save pantry space by tacking boxes to the wall { So simple and so useful! }

Pretty cool, but I would still like a way to store my pots so I don't have to bend down...

I WANT! Sliding Pot Holder

We have been looking for DIY plans for exactly this sort of thing!

interesting storage - in the pantry/on the pantry doors?

Photobooth wall. This is neat.